Every natural or legal entity accepting the conditions specified in Article III. of Chamber statues  can become a member of the Chamber. The Chamber does not form any organizational units authorized to negotiate on their own behalf. Membership (membership rights and duties) in the Chamber is bound to the person of the member. It cannot be transferred and is not passed on by inheriting. The performance of membership must not be abandoned to another person. The members of the Chamber are regular members, honorary members and aspirants for membership.

A person interested in membership in the Chamber shall send the application form to the hands of the Chamberʼs President. After the request for membership is delivered, the Chamberʼs President shall decide whether the interested person will be granted the position of aspirant for membership. In case of a positive decision, he will stipulate an aspirant term. This term is 4 years since the delivery of the application form.  The aspirant term can be shortened, or its remainder can be remitted provided that the aspirant contributed to the development and benefit of the Chamber in an essential manner during the aspirant term.  After the expiry of the aspirant term, the Chamberʼs President shall decide on whether the aspirant for membership has been proved useful, i.e. that his/her activity or action has been beneficial for the activity of the Chamber.

The Chamber maintains a register of members (referred to hereinafter as the “Register”) and makes in it records and erasures of facts that relate to the membership of individual members. The purpose of maintenance of the Register is an overview of membership and legal relations between members of the Chamber. The Register is not public.