Trade and business relations with Kurdistan

Mutual relations between the Czech Republic and Kurdistan (or Iraq) have a historically rich tradition, residing primarily in the business area.

Even today the good relationships continue to exist. The Czech Republic is engaged in the promotion of the growth and development of Kurdistan by all kinds of incentives. By the same token, Kurdistan is an interesting field for the Czech business entities that succeed in the Kurdistan Region.

Significant business entities which entered the Kurdish market are, for instance, ŠKODA AUTO, a.s., cluster CREA Hydro&Energy, z.s. (association of water-management companies), EGEM (energetics), UNIS, a.s. (petrochemicals), GEMA ART GROUP a.s. (sight renovation), or ZETOR TRACTORS a.s. that sells tractors under the Kurdish trademark Antar.

References: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic